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If you’ve got roof problems, Roof Lux is the solution. We complete most jobs in just one day – even full roof replacements. Plus you’ll get a warranty and amazing customer service so you never have to worry about your roof! 

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You deserve and get respect and first-class customer service.

So many roofing contractors at Lake of the Ozarks don't return phone calls or show up when they're supposed to. We'll show you respect by being responsive and on-time.

Professional Roofing Expertise

You get professional expertise for whatever roofing problem you have.

Our goal is to help you and to assure that your roof repair is done the right way so that it will be long-lasting, giving you protection of your property and peace of mind.

Quality Workmanship and Roofing Materials

You'll receive top quality workmanship, materials, and warranties.

We work with you to give you the best quality roofing materials that your budget will allow. This allows us to give you the best warranties possible for your roof.

Roof Lux has been featured in articles on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, PBS, Telemundo, the Boston Herald, Industry Week Magazine, and more…

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Residential roofing services workers with boom lift and scaffolds in Lake Ozark, MO
Residential roof replacement contractor on top of new roof in Lake Ozark, MO
Residential roofing contractor using a boom lift in Lake Ozark, MO
Roofer performing home roof repair services at lake ozark

Residential Roofing

Roof Lux offers home roof repair in Lake Ozark, including complete roof replacement (often done in just one day), and inspections, as well as the entire Lake of the Ozarks area.  We bring years of knowledge and expertise to address your needs. Our teams are equipped to provide professional and trustworthy solutions for the care and protection of your home. So large or small, whether you are needing a simple repair or a new roof, we offer services to help you restore and keep your home in excellent condition.

(Read more about our Residential Services below.)

Commercial Roofing

We provide Commercial roofing repair, replacement, and new installation for your business property in Lake Ozark and in surrounding areas at the Lake.

Your commercial building requires a high-quality roof with excellent longevity. This will ensure lower costs for your business in the long-term as it is protected from the threats of deterioration and weather. So our certified and insured roofing professionals are trained and well equipped to provide top quality commercial roofing services to clients across Mid-Missouri.

(Read more about our Commercial Services below.)

Commercial roofing contractor completed industrial job at Lake of the Ozarks
Commercial elastomeric roof coating services performed on a metal roof at Lake of the Ozarks
Commercial foam roofing services on factory building in Lake Ozark
Large commercial roofing company job done, multiple industrial buildings
Storm Damage roof Repair services Lake Ozark

Storm Damage & Emergency Roof Repair Services

Roof Lux is on call to help you when you need emergency repairs, even nights and weekends. Need help now? Call (573) 693-1050

Insurance Claim for Roof

Get the Best Results for Insurance Claims

If you're filing a claim, our team can help you with the process and will work with your insurance company to help you receive a fair return.

free roof inspection services in Lake Ozark

Free Roof Inspections & Estimates

Determine the best solutions to return your home back to excellent condition with a free, no-pressure inspection for your roof and siding.



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Leading Lake Ozark Residential Roofing Services

Let Roof Lux handle all your residential roof repair services.

We are experienced with every kind of home roof at Lake of the Ozarks. The following are some of the residential roofing services we provide to help you keep your house protected.

Residential roofing services completed on new home in Lake Ozark

Repair and Replacement

Whatever damage may happen to your roof, we can repair it. We can also install a new roof for you if necessary, usually in just one day.

Storm Damage Repairs

Emergency service is available when you need it, and we also help you keep your roof in good condition by providing free inspections. It’s a good idea to get your roof checked after major weather events.


Most home roofs are shingled. We replace roofing shingles regularly and provide top quality and expertise when it comes to choosing the best asphalt shingle for your home.

Metal Roofing

More and more homeowners are switching to residential metal roofing instead of shingles. In some circumstances a new metal roof is the best choice for your home.


Not only do your soffits protect the underside of your roof, but they are responsible for allowing proper ventilation for your attic and roof. The vents in your soffit will allow cooling, as well as prevent moisture from accumulating, which prolongs the life of your roof.

No matter who you call for your roof inspection, be sure to get your soffits inspected for damage, too.


Fascia is the flat vertical board that covers the ends of your rafters. This is where your gutters are attached.

Since there is a great deal of moisture around your fascia it’s important to keep them well maintained so that they don’t rot. As they age and deteriorate, this can lead to problems with your gutters.


Your gutters are very important, functioning as the delivery system to prevent water damage to your fascia, soffits, siding, interior walls, and even your foundation and basement.

Some homeowners get wet basements when the guttering system isn’t removing water sufficiently away from your house.

Two-story roofing and vinyl siding project finished at Lake of the Ozarks
Gutter repair services needed as rain pours over the edge of the guttering

Trusted and Reliable Commercial Roofing Services

Choose Roof Lux, leading commercial roofing contractors at Lake of the Ozarks.

When it comes to commercial roofing, we have several types of systems available. So, whether you are in need of repair work or a completely new roof, we will work with you to find the best fix for your particular commercial roofing services needs. From a traditional shingled roof to space-age elastomeric coating, to durable metal roofing, we can offer you the top-quality solutions and warranties on the market.

Commercial metal roofing services project with brown standing seam roof in Lake Ozark MO
Commercial seamless elastomeric roof coating project in Lake Ozark
Seamless Elastomeric Coating for Flat Roofs or Metal Roofs

This is one of our most popular commercial roofing products. If you have an existing flat roof or metal roof that leaks, our elastomeric seamless coating system will make it 100% waterproof:

  • Closed Cell Foam and Coatings
  • R-Value of 7 per inch
  • Seamless
  • Energy Efficient
  • White
  • Waterproof
  • 18 year Labor and Materials Warranty
  • Cost Effective
  • Free Estimates

Call Anytime!

So if you would like to convert your old rusty or leaky roof into a brand new Seamless Roof, or install new shingled or metal roofing, call or text today. We always return your calls. At Roof Lux, our success is quality-driven and our goal is to provide you with the most courteous and professional roofing service in Lake Ozark and across all Mid-Missouri.

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How To Choose a Quality Roofing Company in Lake Ozark, Missouri

Finding and hiring the right roofer in Lake Ozark, MO is the key to maintaining a quality roof over your home or business property. Getting a new roof is a major decision and you want it to remain in top condition for years to come. Unfortunately, a roofer without the required skill, experience, equipment, and work ethic can lead to devastatingly bad results. Hiring the wrong contractor will nearly always lead to higher maintenance costs and an even greater risk to your family’s health and well being.

The process of hiring a roofing contractor is a critically important task. And this is because there is immense pressure to get it right the first time. If you get it wrong it could mean that your house plummets in value, or worse, that serious health issues or injury come to your family members through the introduction of mold into your home. Because these problems are absolutely not acceptable, how can you ensure that you are making the right hiring decision?

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right Lake Ozark roofing contractor and get it right the first time around. We want to help you know how to avoid hiring the wrong contractor as well as how to stand your ground and get the best value for your money.

Insurance is not optional for any legitimate Lake Ozark roofing company.

Roofer without safety harness driving nails on a roofing joist demonstrates need for insuranceIdeally, any contractor should be able to provide you with their relevant state and local licensing numbers so that you can check on their standing with their insurer. Request these numbers as well as their insurance information. The primary reason is that you, as the client, will need to require a contract and you will want this information included. It is you, after all, who must be protect your own interests, so make sure that you obtain these important numbers and have them written somewhere in your contract.

When it comes to roofing, there are a lot of inherent risks due to the nature of the work. You need to be assured that your roof, your property and your investment in your home or business are secure regardless of the perils that exist. A workman’s compensation plan is essential in the event that a roofer (or any type of contractor or worker for that matter) is injured during the course of working on your roof. So you must take steps to be free of liability. Therefore, be clear on their need for licenses, liability insurance, and workman’s comp.

Many homeowners are timid when it comes to asking to see the actual insurance certificates. However, that is a major mistake that you must not allow. If the contract ends before the expected completion date on your project, that can present some additional issues as well. Once you have seen and verified the insurance details then you have a level playing field for bidders. And then you can look to other criteria to determine the best company to hire. But under no circumstances should you hire a contractor who does not have a reliable insurance plan.

Hire local roofing experts.

Young couple looking at blueprints while deciding to hire a local contractorHiring a local roofing contractor has its unique advantages. This usually means the company cares more about their local reputation, without which, they are bound to lose business. Still, this is not a reason to be prejudiced against larger companies. Often they have the best connections for cheaper material sourcing. They can also sometimes offer higher quality workmanship at a lower price, and they tend to come equipped with the best equipment in the market. But more importantly, what you are looking for here is an established presence, good references, and general business authority in the Lake of the Ozarks area, regardless of whether the roofing company is large or small. If you are located too far away from the contractor’s main sphere of operation you may be treated with a little less focus and attention.

When it comes to warranties, they are really only as valid as the local reputation of the roofing contractor at Lake of the Ozarks and the neighboring areas. It can be very easy for a roofing contractor to hand you a piece of paper. But when it comes to reaching them to get them to honor their promise of free repairs in case of leaks, then you want to know they have offices nearby that you can visit in person.

There are real roofing companies in Lake Ozark, Missouri, and then there are roofing contractors around the lake area whose companies exist only on paper. Sadly, these often complete a job and vanish. And there are those that do not even complete the job, or worse yet, they make a mess of it and leave. Once they take off it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to get any benefit from the “warranty” they offered. All too often, many homeowners find themselves tricked into this terrible and maddening situation.

Roof repairing services are expensive, but price is not everything. 

This goes both ways. There is no need to spend too much to get a good, high standard quality roof. Just because a roofing company is expensive doesn’t mean they’re the best. And at the same time, it’s a bad idea to go shopping for the cheapest roofing contractors in your area. It goes against logic to hire a jack-of-all-trades or a general handyman to implement a costly roof repair or installation that you expect to last a lifetime.

So in a nutshell, never choose a contractor just because they are less expensive. In fact, you should avoid deals that are too good to be true, because they usually are. You need to research roofing jobs and different kinds of roofs and materials to learn what your cost might be on average. Thus, you can be confident that you have a good general idea of the total cost of your entire project before you proceed. Such information isn’t too hard to get, seeing as we are, after all, in the information age!

Check References.

Paper with a colored pencil drawing a check next the a box marked "references".And here is another even easier way to find out how good a contractor really is. Simply choose a random recent client of theirs and ask if they would recommend the service to a person they care about. Family and friends are also a good way to network for the best roofing contractors in Lake Ozark and across Mid-Missouri. A new roof installation is not an everyday purchase, so you might have to spend some time to check out the references. Whatever the case, a decent roofing company should be in a position to provide several references for you in your area.

We hope you find this useful in hiring a professional to construct your roof. And remember, you should always get at least three bids on your project. Just make sure that Roof Lux is one of them!

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