Broken and leaky rain gutters on old home with a blue sky in the background.

3 Signs Your Home Needs a Gutter Repair

No one likes cleaning gutters. Most of us only have to do it around once a year, and yet so many of us put it off!

Dysfunctional gutters can do more harm to your home than you might think. A clogged or damaged gutter can lead to anything from a flooded basement to a damaged foundation. These can be avoided completely if you can give the required attention to keep up on your gutter repairs. 

Keep reading to learn some warning signs to look out for to show that it’s time for gutter repair!

The first sign it may be time for a gutter repair is that your gutters are leaking if there’s enough rain. What kind of leak can give you an idea of the scope those gutter repairs could take. 

Your gutters might be leaking from the seams, for instance. This could be a sign that a whole new gutter system needs to be installed. 

Water sloshing over the side would be a different story, though. That could mean that the downspouts are blocked or that debris has accumulated in the gutters. 

Whatever the nature of the problem, whether it’s a broken or damaged gutter or it’s just clogged, it’ll need to be remedied. Neglecting to do so could lead to needing to make more elaborate roofing repairs down the line.

This is one of the most obvious signs that it’s time for gutter repairs. It’s also one of the best-case scenarios, as these issues can often be spotted by the naked eye. 

Sometimes these damages can be fully obvious, like when a gutter is splitting apart at the seams. Other times it’s more subtle, like if your gutters have chipped or peeling paint. That could be a hint that some sort of maintenance may be necessary.

Here’s another sign of a broken gutter that’s fairly obvious. It’s also rather dangerous, as it could result in extensive damage to your home. 

Pools of water around your house are a dead giveaway that some form of gutter maintenance needs to take place. These puddles could be caused by gutter blockages, or a clogged downspout, for instance. They could also be a result of splitting seams or the gutters just giving way altogether. Often, homeowners need downspout extensions or splash guards to help move the water farther away from the house.

Either way, this results in water pooling around your house’s foundation. This can cause everything from the foundation warping to developing cracks and even breaking down. 

It’s also a reminder of why gutter and roof repairs are so vitally important. Failing to do so can result in major structural damages to your home or building. If you think it’s time for gutter repair, it probably is!

We are here for you! It is our great honor to help the Lake of the Ozarks community with all of your roofing needs, from gutter repair to a whole new roof.

If you’ve got roof problems, contact us today and let us help you!

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