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5 Roof Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid at Lake of the Ozarks

Roof maintenance mistakes can shorten the life span of your roof, especially if you live in an area like Lake of the Ozarks with our somewhat unpredictable weather patterns. 

Fortunately, knowing the most common missteps ahead of time can keep you from spending the thousands of dollars it’ll take to repair or replace before it’s time. 

In the following article, we’ll examine the things you might be doing that will unexpectedly shorten the life of your roof. 

So to avoid getting more repairs sooner than needed, let’s begin!

1. Pressure Spraying Shingles vs. Hose

Many of the signs of damage that you can see on a roof start with the best of intentions. Many homes here at the lake can get algae or moss growing on the shingles or some other discoloration. Homeowners note the sturdiness of the roof shingle and figure it takes something powerful like a pressure washer to clean it.

However, pressure washing can do more harm than good because the person using it stands too close to the shingle and does irreparable damage. Or they will shoot the washer upward at the shingles, driving water up underneath them. It’s better to use a hose and aim downward, so moisture doesn’t get trapped beneath the shingles and damage the roof underneath.

2. Overlooking Moisture Protection

Another thing homeowners can fail to factor into their roof maintenance budget is steps toward moisture protection. Yes, you absolutely want to get the very best shingle you can afford to defend the roof from the elements, but it goes beyond that.

For the best protection on a normal shingle roof, you will want to properly seal the roof with quality ice and water shield. You also may need to repair or replace flashing in some areas to help with runoff. It really is a layered approach that goes above and beyond roofing with mere shingle replacement and material choices.

3. Misplaced Nails

Piggybacking onto No. 2, you want to use specific installation techniques for guarding against and fixing leaks. How do you do that?

Pay close attention to how you nail down your shingles. It seems simple, but it’s surprising how many roofers need to pay better attention or learn how to nail shingles down properly. Doing it right will keep unnecessary leaks from occurring. The proper way to nail a shingle is to apply four nails per shingle just over the butt edge, making sure each nail is flush to the face of the shingle. Don’t sink them too deeply into the material or place the nails too near the top because this can allow your shingles to tear loose more easily.

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4. Poor Ventilation

Oftentimes, people make the mistake of thinking more-is-better when it comes to attic insulation. However, this can actually cause ventilation problems. It’s important to get the ratio as close as possible to one square foot of ventilation per 300 square feet of ceiling space. This allows proper flow-through and prevents both heat and moisture damage.

5. Shingling Over Existing Shingles

After performing many regular roof inspections of DIY roofing jobs over the years, one thing that surfaces repeatedly is the idea that you can simply shingle over existing shingles to fix a serious issue. This is not the case. 

While you can add a layer of shingles over an existing layer at times, in many cases you will end up trapping moisture or laying new shingles over the hidden roof sheathing that’s wearing out or warping. The decking beneath the shingle remains weak and susceptible to deterioration. As a result, you end up throwing away good money on a bad roof repair.

Avoid These Roof Maintenance Mistakes at All Costs

Roof maintenance mistakes are common, and they can create serious cost issues for homeowners who are unaware of them. If you need professional guidance in the repair and replacement of your roof, consider giving Roof Lux a call or contact online for a free quote today. It may save you money!

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