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7 Signs of Serious Roof Damage

Depending on the materials your roof is made of, you can expect a roof to last about three decades. This can be lower depending on the environment the roof is in and if proper care is being given. If you want your roof to last longer, you should know the common signs of serious roof damage.

If you’ve been worrying about your roof, we’re here to help. Read on for seven signs of roof damage.

The first and one of the most common signs is leaks. This is especially common during rainstorms or storm season.

Leaks are also often difficult to spot. If water is only trickling in, it could be months before you notice a leak. Make sure you contact a roofing company the moment you spot a leak.

Visible damage is one of the more obvious signs of a problem with your roof. If you can see any sort of clear damage to your roof, you may want to look into roof repair.

This happens more often for those who have large trees, especially whenever there is ice or stormy weather.

Unless you’re on your roof often, spotting discoloration is difficult. Inside, though, you may notice your ceiling changing colors.

If your ceiling is showing coloration with a yellowish or off-brown shade, you likely have a leak. Make sure you handle this quickly before your leaking roof causes more problems!

If things have hit your roof – falling branches, storm debris, or the like – you may discover indentations. Small dents are more common when this happens but should still be checked out by a professional. However, if your shingles are showing deep indentations this is usually a sign that there is something problematic beneath the surface.

If deep indentations or holes are visible, you will need roof maintenance ASAP. So keep an eye on your roof after a storm to make sure no damage was done.

The average roof has hundreds of shingles covering it. This helps protect the roof, lessen the impact of weather, and keep your home safe.

If shingles have been falling off or are breaking away, you need to look into roof maintenance.

Given that the average lifespan of a roof is twenty to thirty years, you can base your roof maintenance on this timeline. If your roof is nearing this mark, consider contacting a roofing contractor. You should have a roof inspection every few years as well to make sure you don’t have a roof problem waiting to happen.

One smaller detail is notable from inside your home’s attic. If you’ve been seeing visible sunlight with no other source around, it may be coming from a hole in your roof.

You may also find that a surprisingly large amount of dust has been coming in from outside. If you spot this, you may have damage to your roof that needs addressing.

Roof damage can have serious consequences to your health, safety, and finances. Practice proper roof maintenance and contact a roofing company if you find yourself in need of roof repair.

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