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Best Siding for House Updates at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri

The best siding for a house update is ultimately determined by what the homeowner wants for the final look and in maintenance for the home. Some siding is practically maintenance-free while others will require the occasional paint job.  So the amount of maintenance one is willing to perform is another important determining factor that should be considered. 

Vinyl Siding

The siding we choose for our home is a huge factor in its curb appeal and is, therefore, a major decision.  Most siding in the Midwest today is typically vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is practically maintenance-free with the occasional power wash needed.  

Another advantage is that it comes in a huge selection including a large variety of textures, colors, and looks.  While it is very cost-effective, vinyl is even made to resemble some of the more expensive sidings without the additional expense.  We should also mention that vinyl siding is easy and inexpensive to repair.

Vinyl siding certainly isn’t the only option, but it is the most affordable and most used siding on the market for good reason.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is the oldest of our modern siding options.  To some, it is still considered the best kind of siding for a house.  Plus, today we can treat and prepare it better than in the past.  Wood siding comes in a few different types to meet various needs.

Engineered Wood

There is engineered wood, which is a kind of manufactured wood that is made up of wood dust and resin.  This type of siding comes in really long sheets that allow for fewer butt joints.

It is easy to install, as is any wood siding but comes all base primed as well.  This saves the contractor time priming the wood before the final coat of paint is applied.  It is less costly than cedar siding but offers more durability than pine siding. 

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a good choice if you live in an area with lots of bugs, as it is resistant to bug infestations. Plus, cedar siding gives one that rustic look that is so popular in places like the Ozarks.

Pine Siding Boards

A long-standing favorite in the Ozarks for exterior siding is Pine. It’s easy to paint or stain whether installed as either vertical or horizontal siding, and it holds its finish quite well. Just be sure that the pine boards you use are thoroughly dried out and well-cured. Otherwise, it can be susceptible to splitting and warping.


Some wooden siding can be installed directly over the current siding. However, this isn’t always the case.  Allow the professionals to let you know how the siding should be installed to ensure that you can enjoy your siding for years to come. While you’re repairing or replacing siding, you may want to consider including your soffits and fascia in your project, as these will complete the trim for your home’s new look.

More siding options for those living in Missouri

When looking at the best siding for houses, one could consider stone veneer siding.  It is siding that looks like masonry.  Some versions are thin-cut natural stone while others are concrete and stone particulate that is made to look like stone and comes in sheets.  This allows for easy installation as well as giving the home that rich, prestigious look of stone, rather than the more ordinary look of more traditional siding.  This siding is often used as wainscoting or accents in the home’s exterior and occasionally on a home’s driveway entrance features. 

Fiber Cement is another form of siding that can be good for those that live in Missouri.  It is one of the more durable sidings out there and protects the home in many ways.  Fiber cement board will hold up well against all the extremes of Missouri weather.  

It is non-combustible, moisture and rot resistant, pest resistant, and is formed into many different looks.  This type of siding can be used as exterior trim as well.  

While this is in some ways a superior product to some of the other options, it is certainly not DIY-friendly.  Fiber Cement siding should be installed by professionals.

Final Considerations

Your choice of siding is certainly one of the most important considerations when deliberating on the best siding for house updates in the Ozarks. Your siding will provide the appearance you desire. However, it’s also the main element that protects the walls of your house against the extreme weather we experience at Lake of the Ozarks. So If your siding isn’t in top condition and impervious to the elements, you are in danger of experiencing damage to your home or business.

The experts at Roof Lux understand all kinds of siding. The best way to get your home’s siding repaired, replaced, or installed is to hire professionals. In addition to commercial and residential roofing, Roof Lux offers professional vinyl siding installation and repair services at Lake of the Ozarks and across central Missouri. We hope these tips will help you as you choose how best to protect your home. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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