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First & foremost, our primary objective is to immediately get you and your home safe and back to normal as fast as possible. At Roof Lux, we understand that every minute counts when you have storm damage and your home is in urgent need of wind or hail damage repair. And even if you have fire damage or fallen trees, when you need emergency roofing, tarping. or board-up services we’ll get there fast to help. We offer a variety of emergency services to get your job done right and quickly with friendly courtesy in order to help you through a difficult and high-stress situation. Regardless of whether you need a complete roof replacement or a fast leak repair, we’re here to provide help.

Missouri weather can bring problems in any season, so we are prepared to help you deal with the worst. And in addition to storm damage roofing, in the winter we offer snow removal from your roof or snow-related roofing problems. We are available on call when you need emergency repairs, even nights and weekends.

Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to roof damage that is weather-related, hail is undoubtedly one of the main causes. So it logically follows that hail damage to shingles is one of the leading causes of roofing insurance claims. And not only can it affect your roof’s shingles, but your gutters and siding can also be at risk as well. In a serious hail storm, even windows can be broken. Roof Lux of Lake Ozark will provide a free hail damage inspection and estimate, and will even help you with your insurance claim.

Spots where granules are missing on a hail-damaged shingle
Hail-Damaged Shingle

Help with Insurance Claims

Many feel that the entire roof insurance claim process is a worrisome hassle and it can even feel intimidating, especially if you’ve already had a claim denied. But because we deal with insurance companies on so many roofing jobs, we can often help get your claim approved and can sometimes even help you get more money from your claim. We can walk you through the entire insurance claim process to help make it as painless and stress-free as possible.

Agent preparing an insurance claim form.Here in mid-Missouri, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and high winds can tear shingles off your roof and can also harm shingles or metal roofing with falling tree branches. So even though you don’t get a torrential downpour or hail, wind damage by itself can do enough harm to necessitate repairs or even replacement. Following any serious weather event like a thunderstorm, hail storm or tornado, you’ll want to immediately check the condition of your roof. The same is true following an ice storm.

Remember that any major thunderstorm will have what’s called a “straight-line” wind burst that can go as high as 50-60 mph. This is the range where you will start getting wind damage to shingles as well as destruction from trees and limbs blowing down, fallen power lines, and debris from other nearby buildings.

Once the storm is over and it’s safe to do so, view your roof from ground level to assess whether there is damage from wind, falling debris, or hail. Be sure to document anything you see that looks like a problem and contact a reliable contractor to perform a thorough inspection. If there is damage, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

Emergency Roof Tarps

If you’ve experienced falling trees or tree limbs, a tornado or strong winds, or a fire, your home may be damaged enough to require an emergency roof tarp to be put in place. Since safety is the most important issue to keep in mind, if you’ve had major roof damage to your home you should vacate the premises as soon as you can safely do so.

Make a survey from the ground, and if you think there may be damage to your roof structure or shingles, you should contact a professional roofer right away. They can advise you how best to proceed regarding your insurance claim and any roofing services that may be required.

Watch our video on “How to Tarp Your Roof After Storm Damage”

By tarping your roof you can help avoid further damage while you’re waiting for inspection and repairs. Roof Lux professionals offer fast emergency roof tarp services to help prevent further damage from happening. When misfortune strikes, Roof Lux is prepared to respond quickly with emergency roof tarping services.

Board-up Services

Our professional teams provide emergency board-up services in the wake of a storm to minimize the risk of further weather damage to your home or business. Boarding up your property also helps secure it against animals or illegal entry by looters. 

As with all our other 24/7 emergency services, you will get a fast response in order to limit problems and expense from further property damage. And regardless of the type or scope of storm damage you might incur, Roof Lux can help. So whether you have minor impairments or more devastating loss, you can trust Roof Lux to be there for you. No matter if it’s from tornado or wind damage, fallen trees, limbs, or debris, fires, or ice and snowstorms, we’re prepared to provide the storm repair services you need to protect your home or business.

Prepare for Winter Storms

We all know that it’s important to think ahead and plan. This is especially true when it comes to your roof and winter weather. If it’s at all possible, we highly recommend that you schedule a free roof inspection in the late summer or fall, and particularly so if you have an older roof. Everyone knows that spring and summer are good times to get roof repairs completed, but the Fall is actually one of the best seasons to prepare for stormy weather. Since we can have pretty severe ice storms and the occasional huge snowfall, it’s smart  to plan an inspection in the fall, and even more so if you suspect that you’ll need roof repair. Read here to learn more.

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