Gutter Installation and Repair for Lake of the Ozarks Area Homes

Dependable, high-quality rain gutters are an integral component of your residential roofing system. They help insure against premature future roof repair. And your house would be fully susceptible to water damage without them. Roof Lux, LLC’s home gutter company installs rain gutters that are built to last in Lake Ozark, the Lake of the Ozarks area, and throughout mid-Missouri. You can choose from traditional installations or our long-life aluminum seamless gutters.

Gutter RepairGutters handle the critical task of capturing the runoff of rainwater from your roof and diverting it away from your home. It then drains the runoff safely into the ground enough distance away from your foundation or basement to prevent leaks and water damage.

When rain gutters age they can become loose, working away from your fascia. And when they start to sag or hang too low then water can wash back toward your house as it comes off the roof, endangering your fascia, soffit, walls, and the edges of your roof. Or when your downspouts fall into disrepair they may no longer channel water away from your foundation.

Uncontrolled rainwater can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage repair. Unchecked rain overflows have been known to create problems ranging from mild to severe, from interior wall stains to electrical fires. So to keep your home better protected you need to keep your gutter system in good working order. This means maintenance through regular inspection, cleanouts, and repairs. And you will eventually need to install new gutters.

Seamless Gutters

In addition to commercial and residential roofing, Roof Lux is also a local gutter company offering 5″ and 6″ K-style seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are far superior to traditional sectional guttering. Plus, the absence of seams and joints makes maintenance much easier. And our seamless gutters are aluminum and are custom-fit to your home right off our machine. This is what gives them the ability to dramatically reduce leaks. 

Typically, rain gutters are weakest at the joints, so when these are eliminated, the system becomes much more resistant to leaks and other problems. Once you have the appropriate rain gutter setup in place on your home or business, you can expect an aluminum seamless gutter system to have very few problems. However, of course, if you have trees around your house you will still need the occasional ordinary gutter cleaning.

So, regarding your options when it comes to seamless gutters vs. their traditional or sectional counterparts, we understand every homeowner’s needs are different. Still, when comparing the seamless gutters compared to every other system available, most gutter companies and homeowners view seamless as superior due to their capacity to minimize leaks.

New seamless gutters just installed on a Lake of the Ozarks house
Worker Measuring An Aluminum Rain Gutter Feeding Through Seamless Shaping Machine.
New aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts on a Lake Ozark MO home

Important Gutter FAQs

In most cases, yes. Your home’s foundation or basement is protected by your rain gutters. They are designed to effectively manage stormwater from rains. Furthermore, other parts of your home, your yard, and other low-lying areas are safeguarded as the runoff is managed in a safe manner by your rain gutters and downspouts. In addition, any reputable gutter company that understands residential roofing will see to it that the water is immediately diverted away so as to protect elements of the roof system, the foundation or basement, the crawl space beneath your home, and even your interior and exterior walls.

While some builders omit gutters to save on cost, in most cases rain gutters are helpful. And in some cases, they are extremely important. Rainwater coming directly off your roof will cause erosion over time and can cause serious damage if not addressed. However, there are legitimate occasions where gutters are less necessary due to ground slope and composition. One finds many homes in other climates where gutters are less prevalent, such as Texas. Our climate in the midwest tends to necessitate the use of gutters more often than not.

Consequently, one needs to evaluate and learn where the runoff from the roof will end up. Will it pool somewhere in your yard or go into a neighbor’s yard? Or will it go somewhere else that it may cause problems, like seeping down around deck piers, or into a street or a ravine that is deepening from erosion? If you feel you don’t need gutters, we still highly recommend that you have a professional inspect your home and the surrounding area.

Without fully functioning gutters and downspouts to direct the runoff from your roof, rainwater can cause erosion in your yard. Plus, your neighbor’s yard and basement could be affected, too. Uncontrolled runoff can create small ditches and cause water to pool in lower areas of lawns. This can result in killing grass, flowers, and other vegetation. If your runoff were to run down your neighbor’s foundation or basement walls you could become responsible for a significant amount of damage.

While vinyl gutters are less expensive to install, due to their shorter lifespan in our midwestern climate they actually end up costing a homeowner more in the long run. Vinyl doesn’t hold up well in a wetter climate where larger amounts of rain and snowfall can weigh them down. Unfortunately, they tend to sag, crack, and can even break where aluminum holds up much better. Additionally, vinyl gutters require many unfused seams so they are more prone to get leaks. A good aluminum seamless gutter system is also lightweight, more durable, doesn’t sag or leak nearly as easily, and will typically last 20 years or more.

Yes, if your gutters have rusted be sure to remove all rust and dirt. Once they are clean, coat them with a good quality, rust-proof paint. Be sure to use an oil-based metal primer before painting. Keeping them free of rust will preserve their durability and can save some expense by minimizing future repair services.  Additionally, some may want to paint their rain gutters to complement their roof and house color combination.

Yes, aluminum guttering comes in a nice variety of colors. Additionally, the color is a high-quality baked enamel finish which won’t require paint for many years, if ever. It’s easy to find a suitable color that is complimentary for your home.

It depends. If you need gutter repair work done on a seamless system, you should hire a professional. Repair services on seamless gutters will require a definite level of expertise. On the other hand, if you have a traditional sectional type of rain gutter installation, most contractors can handle those types of repairs. And if you are having issues with water pooling, rotting fascia, or other similar problems, we would recommend that you hire a gutter specialist to conduct a thorough inspection.

Traditional guttering can be installed by DIY homeowners, so long as you understand the correct way to anchor the hangers, seal joints and endcaps, install downspouts, and how to get the proper grade on the system. However, seamless gutters must be installed by gutter contractors who have the machine to create the lengths of your system components.

Roof Lux is a local residential roofing and gutter company.  We offer new gutter installation or repairs. So, give us a call for all your maintenance, cleaning, and rain gutter repair work! 573-693-1050

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Do you need gutter covers?

People sometimes just evaluate their gutters from below to determine whether they need any work done on them. However, it isn’t just loose or sagging gutters that lead to problems. When they become blocked or clogged with debris, then overflowing gutters can create complications that may result in a hazard.

Clogged GuttersAnd it’s true that clogged gutters can be easily remedied, but not everyone has the time (or the physical ability) to be able to climb up onto the roof to check and clear out their gutters.

So in order to help prevent blocked gutters or clogged downspouts, Roof Lux also offers the installation of gutter guards. These strainers will help put an end to leaves, twigs, and other debris from accumulating in your gutters. So you will no longer need to closely monitor whether the rainwater is flowing properly down and away from your house.

So take steps to protect your home now. Let us help you deal with rusty, dented, or drooping gutters. Let Roof Lux be your professional gutter company today and arrange a free, no-pressure consultation on gutter installation.

Do you need a gutter cleaning service?

Gutter cleaning is a dirty job. But someone needs to get your gutters cleared out and we think it ought to be us!  Look, we know that many folks prefer to do things on their own. So do we, and generally speaking, that’s a good thing.

Still, gutter cleaning can be difficult, and in some cases, it really is better to entrust it to professionals.  Plus, when you hire a professional gutter cleaning service, potential or developing trouble spots can be identified and addressed more quickly, often avoiding roofing repair.  In many circumstances, we can deal with it for you before it becomes a more serious problem costing you thousands of dollars in additional repairs.

Gutter Cleaning FAQs

When rain gutters are clogged it can result in a roof leak or even more serious water damage to your home’s interior or exterior. Also, gutters full of standing water attract insects and other critters.

Depending on where you live and the amount of trees around your house, most gutter companies advise that twice a year is sufficient. Most people have gutter cleaning, inspection, and maintenance done in the spring and late in the fall. However, if your downspouts get clogged, it’s important to get them cleared immediately. A clogged downspout can cause the water to back all the way up into the gutters and begin to overflow potentially causing damage.

Not necessarily. If you feel safe and know enough about rain gutter installation and repair then you can do the inspection and cleaning yourself. However, most people aren’t prepared to handle the repairs that may be required, especially if it’s on seamless guttering. In that scenario, it’s best to have a gutter company handle the job.

Roof Lux, a local roof and gutter company in Lake Ozark, MO serve the entire Lake of the Ozarks area and surrounding communities. In addition to cleaning your gutters, we’ll complete a thorough inspection as well. Many customers will combine this with a free roof inspection, as well, since we’re already at your location. If you are considering selling your home, these inspections can really come in handy as selling points, too. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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