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How to Clean Roof Shingles: A Quick Guide

Are your roof shingles looking a little dingy? Have years of bad weather and water led to mold or algae growing on the outside? 

The good news is this doesn’t mean the shingles are bad, but they do need a good cleaning.

If you want to know how to clean roof shingles and make your roof look brand new, then this handy guide is for you! With the right TLC, you can help extend the life of your shingles and keep your roof looking immaculate.

So don’t let a dingy roof make you feel embarrassed. Clean them and transform the exterior look of your home.

What if I Don’t Clean My Roof Shingles?

Maybe you don’t mind how your shingles look and you’ve always been fond of the color green…um, okay.  But while algae and mold growth on the outside of the shingles are more of an aesthetic issue, that doesn’t mean it won’t do harm over time.

As they grow, they can expand beyond the exterior of the shingles and grow underneath, leading to the shingles raising. This could loosen the shingle and lead to tearing or lowering the effectiveness of running water down into the gutters.

If the mold and algae grow along the edge of the shingles, then they can keep it from flowing into the gutters and cause pooling.

How to Clean Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles on a roof showing stains and streaking.If the roof is just dirty from years of debris from bad weather and doesn’t have mold or algae growth, then you can use a solution of hot water and soap with a little bleach. You need to cover the roof completely and let it sit for about 15 minutes to let it settle into the shingles.

Using a standard hose, spray the solution off the roof and it’s clean as a whistle.

If you have algae or mold stains, then you’ll need something a little heftier. There are cleaning solutions available at most home improvement stores that help remove the stains. Follow the directions for use and then use the hose to remove it from the roof.

If you’re worried about how the solution impacts the shingles, you can purchase a small bundle and test it out before placing it on the roof.

DO NOT Use a High-Pressure Sprayer

When cleaning the roof, it’s important to use a standard hose and never use a high-pressure sprayer. It may sound contradictory since the sprayer is designed for deep cleaning. If you use a high-pressure sprayer, you’ll likely remove the asphalt from the shingles.

The water can also get under the shingles and lift them up. It could even rip them off the roof. If you have a warranty on your roof, using a high-pressure sprayer will likely void it.

You want the shingles to look clean and not be stripped of their asphalt.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

If mold and algae are issue for your area or your home, then make cleaning your roof part of your yearly maintenance. That way you won’t give the mold and algae time to grow. You now know how to clean roof shingles. Pretty simple, right?

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