Is steel roofing the right choice for me?

How To Buy A Metal Roof

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There are numerous advantages to a steel roof including excellence, life span, energy efficiency, fire protection, greater home value, not to mention the ability to withstand wind and extreme weather conditions. In the meantime, however, we know that each homeowner has their own personal preferences, needs, and practicalities. And their homes also have differing needs. We want to give you information to help you to decide if a metal roofing system is right for your situation. So you are welcome and invited to call us at (573) 693-1050, contact us here, or get in touch through Facebook Messenger if you have questions or want more direct information. However, below are some tips for you to think about for now.

How long do you plan to live in your home?

Metal Roofing at Lake of the OzarksThere are lots of different reasons why our clients purchase steel roofing for their homes. The standout reason, however, is for the long-term advantage that steel offers. Generally speaking, traditional roofing materials in most parts of the U.S. must be replaced every twelve to twenty years, despite what their warranties claim. Now factor in that material costs continues to double about every ten to fifteen years no matter what construction material is used. And in light of the fact that labor costs keep increasing, property holders who purchase metal roofing systems now will escape needing to invest in another rooftop in the next twelve to twenty years. So consequently, they will enjoy a significant financial advantage from the choice they make now.

While quality metal roofing costs more on the front end than more perishable roofing materials, the financial benefit is reaped over time. In addition, throughout the duration, you have the peace of mind and the pleasure of enjoying the advantages of an attractive, energy-efficient roof. The pattern is trending once again toward homes being valued as “generational” and passed down as an aspect of the family heritage.  This practice lends additional support to a plan of investing now in a long-enduring roof for one’s home.

What are some criteria you’d like for your new roof to meet?

We generally propose that property owners who are planning for a new roof establish their criteria. Consider what you want to achieve through this upcoming project, and then settle on a roofing solution that will achieve your objectives.

Do you desire a roof that just causes you stress? And would you like to save on utility costs through more energy-efficient roofing materials? Or how about one constructed of materials that are environment-friendly? Would you like a roof that enhances the beauty of your house? And maybe you prefer to put financial resources into a choice that improves the value of your home.

All these criteria are objectives that a steel roof will accomplish for you. So if these kinds of things matter to you, then you may, indeed, be better served with a metal roof.

What are your home’s roof pitch and form?

Roof with a Steep PitchComplex roofs with a steep pitch will demand a great deal of work no matter what construction material is used.

And ongoing Increases in material prices, skilled labor, plus insurance and other related costs, have caused more and more homeowners with troublesome roofing circumstances to choose better long-term solutions now. The mantra, “Do it once, do it right” makes better sense for them. Moreover, our interlocking steel shingle roofs are perfect for steep pitches or French roofs where conventional shingles, tile, or slate will slide off too easily with the passing of time. 

However, when it comes to low-pitched roof problems, a steel roof mandates a minimum of a 3:12 pitch. And while steel shingles are fine for many arched roofs, they just don’t work well for round or domed roofs. But please don’t be afraid to ask about our other roofing systems that may work well for your home.

Is the aesthetic style and look of your home important to you?

We find that most of our clients here at Lake of the Ozarks care a great deal about the look and the presentation of their homes. They view the way they maintain their house to be a reflection of who they are. And so they desire a place that they are proud to call their home. And they want to be happy to come back to after a long or difficult day.

Interestingly, there seems to be no divide or segmentation of our customer demographic. They come from a broad diversity of age, education, lifestyle, and income. In fact, the things we see most that they share in common are the way that they care about the appearance of their homes and that they expect to own and live in them for no less than 15 years.

So, once more, there are numerous reasons why homeowners decide to use metal roofing. For these people, the advantages of a steel roof outweigh those of conventional shingled roofs.