Stone house and roof with snow and ice dam on it

How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter at Lake of the Ozarks

Avoiding winter roof repair in the Ozarks means that you’ll have to know and understand how to prepare your roof for winter.  While many of us scramble in the fall to prepare our home, boats, and other outdoor equipment for winter, we are reminded that we also have to pay special attention to our roofs and what supports a good-working roofing system.  

Gutters are one of the more important elements of your roof.  When it comes to proper roof maintenance, taking the time to clean and maintain the gutters isn’t always something people think about. However, in the winter, your roof will have melting ice and snow that will produce runoff.  This runoff needs to be whisked away properly in order for the roof to not undergo damage from this process.

Having that water backed up on the roof, only to refreeze, can loosen the shingles and cause damage further down the road.  If there aren’t clean and proper gutter systems in place ice dams can form as well.  We have all seen a home that has a shield of ice on one side of it.  This is often due to faulty guttering or the gutters being plugged and not working properly. 

Check the ventilation of the attic as well as the insulation.

Another reason we have ice dams is the lack of proper insulation and ventilation. They can sometimes form when your heat escapes from below, changing the the temperature of the roof, preventing the roof from properly adapting to the outside temperature and functioning as it should.  

Ice dams are dangerous for many reasons.  While ice dams can build up on the side of a home, they can also build up on the roof and slide down at any given time.  These large chunks of ice falling can be extremely harmful to people or pets and can cause damage to your home as well.  

And, of course, having large amounts of ice on your roof isn’t good either. In addition to a potential hazard by falling off, those ice sheets or chunks can become too heavy for the roof and cause structural damage, as well.  If you are not sure whether your home is insulated or ventilated properly, you should call a professional roofing company to get an inspection.

Have a snow removal plan.

Living in the Ozarks undoubtedly presents some beautiful snowfall in the winter.  However, we have to be prepared to remove that snow from our roofs.  Heavy snow accumulation does occur here and we need to remember to take that into account. 

While a simple roof rake will be a good solution for some people, others would prefer to stay inside.  Did you know that some roofing companies offer snow removal as a part of their services?  That’s right, you CAN stay inside!  Call and have someone else with roofing experience come out and clean your roof from the heavy snow.

Snow Removal from Roofs and DocksIn the event of deep, long-lasting accumulations like we sometimes experience, your roof can experience winter storm damage, as was mentioned earlier. So, if you aren’t sure if your roof is winter-ready, you can always call on the experts.  Most roofing companies offer free roofing inspections to ensure your roof is ready for the upcoming winter. 

Respected local lake of the Ozarks roofing companies are the best to start, should you have any questions regarding the care of your roof. As always, we recommend that you contact a roofing professional to discuss your options.

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