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Roof Repair or Replacement: How to Know When You Really Need It

Do you need professional roof repair or perhaps complete roof replacement? How would you know if the roof needs professional attention in the first place? Well, one way to know is when your roof leaks since that’s a pretty clear indication that it needs to be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage. The problem is that the red flags, except in extreme cases (like the one mentioned), are more subtle.

The good news is that if you know what to look for, it is easy to tell if the roof needs professional attention. Also, if you’re going to assess your roof, many Lake Ozark roofing services advise that people do that in either early spring or in summer. That way, it is easier to spend more time on the roof. And if you find issues most companies will be more than happy to take on the project since the weather is more conducive to doing a good job. However, heading into Autumn is also an excellent time to get a free roof inspection.  That way, if you do need roofing repairs, you still have plenty of time to get them done and you will still have optimum weather to do it.

Now that you know the best times to examine your roof, let’s run through what you should look for before calling a professional.

Buckling, Breaking and Missing Shingles

If you spot shingles that are buckling, breaking, or missing, it’s a major warning sign that you have a problem that should be addressed immediately. Depending on when the shingle cracked or broke, you may be looking at extensive damage underneath. Simply replacing the shingles with new ones will not fix the problem. An expert will have to take the roof apart around that affected area to make sure that things aren’t rotting underneath. Buckling shingles may also signal that you have a ventilation problem.

Ventilation Issues

Besides buckling shingles, another sign that you might have ventilation problems is the appearance of ice dams. These are ridges of ice that will form on the edge of the roof.

In an improperly ventilated roof, the heat from the attic melts the snow that’s built up on the roof. That snow then runs off the edges and into the gutters, where the cold air freezes it. If not fixed, the ice dam will cause the next batch of melted snow to back up and then freeze, which compounds the severity of the situation.

So, if you see icicles hanging around the roof of your home, its time to call a professional. Because if this is not fixed in time, the build-up of ice will pull the roofing material apart. This then, allows for water to seep into the roof causing even more damage. If not repaired properly and in time, this fairly small and common problem can lead to you having to spend significantly more money on replacing the entire roof.

Icicles hanging from a roof forming an ice dam may be a sign of poor attic ventilation.

Curling Shingles

Black asphalt shingles on a roof, curling up at the edges.
Curling shingles signal that your roof needs attention.

Now there is a myriad of reasons why this may happen. The most common cause, especially if you just had the shingles installed, is that the roofer didn’t use the right size and type of nails for each shingle.

Inadequate insulation is another issue that can cause this to happen. The build-up of moisture in the attic can eventually lead to shingles curling on your roof. After all, the moisture has to go somewhere and so it slowly gets trapped in between the shingles and the materials underneath it. The adhesive strip which connects it to the layer below it (aka back-coating) can start to lose its adhesive qualities, and that leads to curling.

Also, the weather can cause the roof to contract and expand. During the expansion and contracting process, the nails that hold the shingles down can be pushed upwards, and that same force causes the shingles to curl.

If you spot a couple of curling shingles, there is a chance that the entire roofing of your house will need a tear-off and replacement.

Water Spots Appearing on Your Ceiling

Many of our Lake of the Ozarks roofing jobs start with an inspection of the ceiling. We always tell clients that if they see discolored spots on the ceiling or any areas with peeling paint, then that’s usually a sign of water seeping in through the roof. If it’s not fixed in time the damage is going to become more widespread with extensive water damage almost a certainty. In the event of water damage, the homeowner will need to replace other materials like the drywall and ceiling. So if you see water spots, calling a roofing and siding company right away will help save you potentially hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Signs of a Rotting Roof

Generally, a roof will start to rot when the shingles have absorbed moisture to the extent that it has reached the core. A rotting roof is considered severely damaged and compromised and must be addressed right away. Then unfortunately in most cases, this isn’t a routine one-day roofing job and can take a few days to fix.

Missing Granules

When a roof is replaced, it is quite normal to have a couple of granules dislodged from those shingles. The granules are often small pieces of rock coated with ceramic that cover your asphalt shingle’s surface. However, as the number of granules declines, so does the lifespan of the roof, since it exposes the asphalt on the shingles. If this problem appears on an older roof, then there is a 90% chance that the entire roof needs to be replaced.

Most reputable roofing companies at Lake of the Ozarks will want to inspect the roof for themselves before deciding if reroofing is needed.

Call a Roofing Expert Right Away

Roof repair can just as easily turn into a more expensive roof replacement job if not fixed in time. If you spot any of the issues above, it is time to call a professional roofing company right away. Many Lake Ozark roofing services back their work with a warranty, and on average a well-built shingle roof can last for at least 15 years. However, you’ll still want to inspect your roof after a recent hail storm, wind storm, or any other potentially dangerous conditions.

You’ll also want to inspect the roof of a home that you have recently purchased prior to any significant weather events. That way, if there is a problem, it can be fixed before it turns into a major problem for you. And in closing, we must mention that fixing most roofing issues in time can potentially help you save money in the long-term.

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